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The Need for and Benefits of Internal Cleansing

Most of us wash our hands and faces everyday.  We brush our teeth at least twice daily, wash our clothes once or twice a week, wash our dishes (usually), every day, our cars at least once every two or three months.  We bath or shower at least every other day but only a small but growing percentage of us clean ourselves internally.

Ideally, our bodies are designed to last hundreds of years if the supporting environment, in the form of clean air that has plenty of oxygen , water that still has an alkaline pH and life sustaining antioxidants  and soil that has organic minerals and humus that can be readily taken up by the plant life.

The present environment, however, is not very supportive of a long healthy life.  In fact, because of the various forms of pollution and lack of nutrients in the soil, it’s not even supportive of a healthy short life.

Since the industrial revolution humans have been experiencing various degrees of illness directly related to the over use of and reliance on  a plethora of harmful chemical compounds.

Immune system related imbalances are quite numerous as we experience the immune system attacking it’s host body or not able to protect the body adequately.

The oxygen content in the air up to one hundred years ago was double what it is now.  Most large farms have soil that has been so depleted of the naturally occurring growth promoting minerals and micro organisms that allow for plants to defend them selves against insects and the like.  The farmers have to put growth hormones in the soil and use chemical pesticides to kill the bugs. 

Animals are raised as if on an assembly line and force fed chemically derived growth hormones while not being able to move more than two feet in any direction most of their lives.

The bottom line is that we have created and are connected to all of these forms of pollution and we reflect the relationship through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

 Physically, the body does all it can to adapt.  The eliminative organs, (the skin, lungs, kidneys and intestines),  have been forced to deal with the pollution but to make matters worse, we choose to rely heavily on  processed foods and drinks that  have no life sustaining properties.  They may taste appealing in a sick kind of way but all they do in the long run is add to imbalance of our bodies.  The liver can perform up to 500 different functions and is the fastest regenerating organ in our bodies.  However, it must work double time detoxifying  a multitude of toxins and protect the body from acidification

by producing an over abundance of cholesterol.  The small and large intestines are not able to function to their capacity because the majority of the food that many eat, having no naturally occurring inherent enzymes or nutrients, become like glue on the walls of the intestines.  This glue prevents optimal absorption of nutrients in the small intestine and slows the movement of waste along the colon or large intestine. 

The longer waste stays in the intestines, the sooner it begins to rot, the more that the putrid bacteria grows and the more polluted substances go back into the blood stream.

The kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and the skin have bigger and bigger demands placed upon them.  As a result, various organs in your body become sluggish and in some cases fail.

Most diseases are named for the part of the body that they most prominently manifest.


Enough of the bad news.  The good news is that there is a general increase in the awareness that each of us has a doctor inside and that diet and lifestyle play a large part on our well being.  I looked up internal cleansing on Google and noticed that there were almost three million individual sites.  Colon cleansing had two million two hundred and twenty sites.  Alternative healing brought up fifty thousand sites and herbal healing had four hundred and sixty seven sites.  Smooth move, CKLS, and Ultimate cleanse, by far outsell the other cleansers and rank within the top tweny items sold in the department and there are close to six thousand individual products in that department.

Many if not all of the illnesses that we develop are reversible.  The first action that should take place in an effort to realize balance again should be to clean your colon.

Colon cleansing as a medical procedure dates back five thousand years with the Egyptian doctors.  They documented the various herbs and ways to cleanse the colon and eventually the rest of the body in an effort to reestablish BALANCE.

Many of the herbs used thousands of years ago are available and used today. Below you will find a list of various symptoms that usually point to a need for cleansing:

Allergies and over sensitivity to certain foods

Acne, rashes, and boils,
Lack of energy and stamina
Constipation or diarrhea
Frequent congestion, colds or viral attacks
General aches and pains
Joint/muscular stiffness
Lowered resistance to infection
A slower rate of healing
Inordinate PMS discomfort and pain
A diminished sex drive
Negative mentality
Parasitic infestation

Here is a list of some of the cleansing herbs, foods and drink:

dandelion, garlic, peppermint, neem, aloe, burdock, black walnut, black seed, fenugreek, fennel, hyssop, Oregon grape root, echinacea, goldenseal, elecampane, sarsaparilla, cayenne

red clover, cascara sagrada yellow root, yellow dock, milk thistle.  Lemons, limes, apples, grapes, watermelon and citrus fruits.  Dark green leafy vegetables, alkaline water and probiotics.


This is a list of benefits of cleansing:

  • Your cells and inner and outer organs operate at a higher level.
  • Circulation is enhanced.
  • The blood flows easier.
  • Sinuses are not congested.
  • The body’s pH balance is maintained.
  • More regular bowel movements.
  • The immune system is more efficient.
  • Eyesight improves.
  • Greater mental clarity.
  • Better able to focus.
  • Improved memory.
  • Joint mobility improves.
  • Muscular flexability is increased
  • Better digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Quelling of inflammation.
  • More energy is experienced.
  • Sounder sleep.
  • Enhanced spiritual awareness.
  • Clearer skin.
  • Relief from allergies.Weight loss.
  • More positive outlook.


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