Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Is My Motivation?

Every day I am blessed not to wake up dead.  I thank God for the opportunity to be of service to the evolution of my spirit, and thereby humankind.  I am acutely aware that the quality of my life is tenuous, and that my spiritual development is the most important thing I need engage in.  I am also very aware of the "distractions" that life presents on a daily basis.  Well, they can be considered distractions if I allow them to divert me from my primary purpose, which is to recover a right relationship with the God of my understanding.

Ii enjoy watching the adventure of life unfold.  As such, it has been amazing to me, in retrospect, the wonderfully gifted and focused people I have interacted with on this journey.  I have had the great blessing of meeting many an aspiring artist on the way towards what has become "stardom".  To be honest, I have sometimes asked myself what I am NOT doing right, that I am not in a more prestigious or influential position.  I mean, I grew up in SSJQ - NY, where many have been groomed for public life in one way or another.  Don't get me wrong, it is not the fame or fortune that I seek just for the sake of having it.  I see how I could use that kind of power as a means to an end.  In my story, of which I am the star, the end is always the same; FREEDOM - for myself, my family, my community, and the world.  Freedom has always been at the core of my being.  I just did not know it would come like it has.  I guess it's true.  Be careful what you pray for.  More to the point, if your soul and hearts desire is the way that we create our reality, then I need be very clear about what I petition from the universe.

Maybe that is the difference between where I am and where those stars whom I have met along the way are today.  Focus has alot to do with what we create in our lives.  Except for destiny and karma, our focus is THE major ingredient in what we create in our lives.  Remaining honest though, I sometimes second guess that too.  After all, I have been very, very focused on what it is that I am creating. I still have not been as "successful" as I would like.  I sure could use the assistance of some of those who I have been able to assist on their way up.  I remember being around to support folks like USHER, STEVE HARVEY, MICHAEL BAISDEN, LIL JOHN, INDIA ARIE, and others, as they either grew up in or passed through Atlanta on their way to the "top".  Now they are among the many who are pretty insulated from the public, and have "people" who decide what kind of request and information get through.  I guess fame has a price.  That is probably why I would not want too much of that.

 The fact is that I have a purpose in life, and I feel like a "star" in my heart.  If it were not so, then I would not still be on the planet when so many have gone on after having been in similar circumstances.  You see, that is always the problem with comparing my life to that of others.  First of all, you never really know what another person is going through.  I bet they surely did not know what I was going through either, back in the day when these folks were coming through WRFG Atlanta as I worked as a volunteer airshifter.  I was doing what I loved, and ended up making an impression on the world in my own way.  I worked to bring a positive vibration and information over the airwaves, and I believe that it was received in that way.  The fact that I had been recovering from addictions, and diagnosed with AIDS was something that I kept to myself.  It did not seem like a secret at the time, it was just the particulars to an issue that needed to be addressed from a more global perspective.  I had moved here from New York and wanted to live my dreams before I did what we all must do, and those with AIDS seem to do quicker; die.  Instead of dying, though, I have found a new way to live.

Now, I am wanting...no, mandated, motivated, inspired, compelled and blessed to share these healing solutions that I have practiced with the world, but I can not seem to reach as many people as I would like (or am satisfied with) to reach.  In the meantime, my people die fro the lack of knowledge.  Fame...?  Well, whatever.  I would really rather leave that to those who already have it.  Even better, I would really love it if they would use some of that fame and influence to support our cause.  I will step into whatever role I must in order to keep the "deal" I have with God.  I told him/her I would do whatever I could to spread love and information.  It is time for us to rise.

We are presently reaching out to the above "stars" but have had no success.  We are ready to receive celebrity endorsements from those of you who believe our cause to end the stigma surrounding AIDS by identifying and solving the unmet needs of those affected by HIV is worthy.  To find out more about what we are proposing to do, yes actually do, visit www.refresheverything.com/rise4war .

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