Saturday, December 10, 2011

The "RISE" of Next Generation Healers

There is greater hope for this years World AIDS Day focus of "Getting to Zero" to become a reality!  I believe it to be much more feasible if we can get past the stigma and fears, and begin to look at how effective the spiritual and ethereal approach has been for those who have thrived long time with HIV.

As it stands, one of the greatest deficiencies in our "educational" system is that we don't teach enough about the human anotomy, so therefore, can not make the connection between how the body works, and how it is connected to and a part of sound and light.  Yes, we can speak about auras, crystals, and the like, in very scientific terms.  Those conversations, in concert with everything we have already achieved with chemistry and psychology, would go a long way towards creating an atmosphere for shifting our consciousness about how we heal in the physical, and give us a greater awareness of our ability to overcome the attack of the microbes like HIV.

Young Asad Khan is an example of the kind of fruit that sowing the seeds of type of training will bear!  Sure, he is obviously gifted with unique vision, but it is not so unique that it does not reside in the spirits of many.  The gift of this type of consciousness is available to most, but it is not being cultivated.

As the host and editor-in-chief of "RISE' The Multimedia Magazine, I am seeking to Resurrect Inspirational Spiritual Experiences so that we can cultivate our inate abilities to "participate in our own salvation".  Please feel free to join me here, or subscribe to "RISE" our monthly E-magazine tht will be delivered to your email or smartphone, on Facebook and Twittwer, and soon in live broadcasts on!


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