Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Think globally, but act personally.

President Obama has recently been accused of campaigning while in office. I understand what he is doing though. He has his roots in community organizing, and that means getting people to come together and advocate for themselves.  Because power seems to concede nothing, collective action will have to happen in order for us to change the world.  It will take a concerted effort to change the status quo, because they are entrenched in their position and fortified by greed.  The majority of us see the need for change, but it will take all of us to help create it.

Like Michael Jackson said, in order to change the world you have to begin with the man in the mirror. As we all know, it takes work to change our own ways.  One way we can create individual discipline and change is by looking at what we eat. When you think about it, we are just as entrenched in the way that we eat as the status quo is entrenched in not changing.  Both realities are driven by addictive behaviors.  Many of us are locked in negative patterns that are having negative effects on our health, by the bondage of self that we've created around the foods that we eat. I believe that if we could change the way that we eat, we could actually change the world.

We already know that the foods we eat are causing a great deal of sickness, just like we know that the reason we have not come together to change the availability of nutritious food for everyone is because we have not been disciplined enough to demand change. When we become activist for a change in things like our acceptance of things like genetically modified foods and food desserts, we will demand change with one voice.  In that regard, we would be creating change on a global level by changing our individual actions.

The first step though it isn't changing the world is changing ourselves. Often I get stuck in destructive patterns out of fear of being able to change. I get lazy and comfortable doing things that are not in my best interest of personal discipline, I am learning not to let perfection be the enemy of progress.


I would like to be a part of positive change in the world, which is why we created RISE. Here we get an opportunity to talk about some of the things that we can do to change world, but we realize that it all begins with changing ourselves. I believe that changing the way that we eat is one way that we can create the discipline and health we will need to employ the collective action necessary to change the status quo, so we will discuss here some of the healing solutions that we can do to make a difference. Join us as we RISE for Wellness, Awareness, and Recovery, won't you?



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