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Tell me some lies, because the truth is not making sense.

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Tell me some lies, because the truth is not making sense.

By Reggie Smith


" I always feel like somebody's watching me, and I have no privacy...tell me is it just a dream?"



When we were kids, I had friends who would invite me over and start gossip about a mutual friend who was hiding in the closet.  The “friend” would see if they could get you to speak ill about the person in the closet. If they succeeded, the person in the closet would jump out and surprise you with the embarrassment of what you said about them behind their back.  That is how I learned not to say something behind someone’s back that I haven't already said to his or her face.  It was a great life lesson because it taught me to practice authenticity.  So now, in this age of information, I expect that my phone, email, and actions are being monitored at all times by the American government, but I'm not afraid to say what I think and feel.  Just because I’m a little paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t listening, right?

As it pertains to spying on us with technology, our government is acting like a cheating spouse who has been caught cheating again.  They know what they have done, but when confronted, they keep lying so they won't have to face the truth and pay the cost of their actions.  It's like we are being told; who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?  If you were in a relationship or marriage that had the guilt America has in its relationship with some of its people, would you trust and forgive?  Nelson Mandela led the truth and reconciliation in South Africa and we need the same thing here in the U.S.  Trust is a big issue when it comes to forgiveness.  Though it is hard to trust our government based on what it has done in the past, I forgive them for what they have done – even if they have not yet had the courage to ask me to.  More importantly, it is essential for me to trust in a power greater than myself (God) in order to find peace within.

The U.S. was built on stolen land and slave labour.  American history is riddled with nefarious deeds that have never been atoned for.  Any illusion of privacy in this day and age is self-deception, so I try to live my life like it’s an open book knowing that almost everything is open to scrutiny.  I embrace the use of technology and wish more of our "have nots" did too, but much of my generation is intimidated by the idea that someone is "all up in their business".  Unfortunately, fear of technology makes it harder for us to share information.  We might as well embrace technology and use it to our advantage.  Nations have changed when people have used technology to organize themselves.

There is healing for all on a spiritual level when we live authentically.  I know there is a difference between being honest and being a damn fool, but a paradox of life is that the more we give of ourselves, the more we receive.  Few things are as rewarding as being a positive part of another's life.  There is peace, healing and freedom in living authentically. Being honest with others and ourselves is the first step in recovering our right relationship with all creation.  There is always someone in our closet, but it doesn't matter when we keep it real.


“Spirituality is not to be learned by flight from the world, or by running away from things, or by turning solitary and going apart from the world. Rather, we must learn an inner solitude wherever or with whomsoever we may be. We must learn to penetrate things and find God there.”

�?? Meister Eckhart



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