Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I want to be loved; is that so wrong?

I  want to be loved; is that so wrong?


"I'm so glad I got my own, so glad that I can see; my life's a natural high, the man can't put no thing on me."

               Curtis Mayfield


Movies are made to help us identify with situations and feelings we experience in our own lives.   So how do I explain the  way I felt while watching a sappy 'Lifetime like' flick about parenting, step-parenting, dealing with cancer, and navigating the feelings of love?  The lives of the people in the movie "Stepmom" could not have been more different from mine, but the feelings I share with the movies characters are universal.  Life is temporary, but  we all want to be loved and to give love while we are here, right?   In fact, nothing feels better than being part of a circle of love.  The power of love is amazing and miraculous.


I have been blessed to have more than one life in this lifetime, and everytime I have been challenged by life, and seemingly down for the count, the love of  friends and family has healed me.   I believe we attract the friends to our life that help us to achieve our cosmic purpose. Family helps us to learn life lessons too!  All are vessels for God (Good Orderly Direction) if we are open minded enough to be conscious of the messages they bring.  I am so grateful to be a part of my soul group.


I am extremely impressed with the quality of my friends.  Our bonds are strong, often by virtue of the things we have in common.  Many times, though, conflict or strife has been the road to enlightenment.  For instance, people like me who have had the experience of overcoming addictions "one day at a time" speak a language that communicates on different levels of spirit, and no matter where in the world I may be, I'm sure to never be alone. I wish everyone could enjoy the sense of security that the members of the "no matter what" club possess.  The kind of love we share surpasses the desire for drugs and alcohol, just for today.  The price we have paid to be in the club has been high (no pun intended).



I enjoy watching the adventure of life unfold.  I know I'm responsible for the effort I put into my life, but there is a certain amount of destiny incorporated in what the outcome is to be. Until we develop our psychic ability, we are dealing with what is right in front of us, and building on our past.  Life takes strength, and we build our bank of strength by giving and receiving love.  If your friends and family had to give a one word description of you what would it be?  If your friends had to lie under oath to help keep you out of jail because of a serious mistake you made, would they? Would you do that for them?  We never know until it happens. I'm grateful that I have had enough love in the bank, and I'm spiritually connected to friends and family so as to be able to deal with whatever life has to offer so far.  I know that  if our friendships say something about who we are, mine are making me look really good.  I will continue to give unconditional love to my friends and family, because the return on that investment has made me a wealthy man.

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