Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Meditation is an effort to hear the sound and see the light within. It can only consciously be achieved in the human form. It is the purpose of life as we are all on the journey back to our original home. Spirit and mind are connected on this plane, but their homes are different. The mind is tangled in the web of ego and senses. It's weight and distractions keep the spirit from going back to it's source, Our Father - who art in heaven. The kingdom of heaven is within. Be still and know that you are God-like.

A simple meditation can be listening to the sound of your breath while focused on the point of the "third eye" within. A short simple prayer can be used as a mantra. The benefits have been documented. The experience must be had in order to know.

The universal law of attraction is supported through medtation. The gift of human life is precious because it is the only life form that we can access the Upper Room. 12 step programs have a plan for salvation. Their are many paths, but they all lead to the same place. May you find your path.
Now, I must sit for meditation.

God loves you & so do I.
Reggie Smith

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