Monday, March 29, 2010

The Pepsi "Refresh Everything" contest starts April 1st!!

The Pepsi "Refresh Everything" contest starts April 1st!!
With your votes, (like American Idol) HIV Anonymous can win $250,000 to support our WAR Initiative (Wellness, Awareness & Recovery).  Our mission is to finally end the stigma surrounding HIV. We will do it by identifying and solving the unmet needs of families affected by HIV.

HIV Anonymous is a global 12- step support network (like AA) for those affected by HIV. The self help groups have helped many become empowered, encouraged, and enlightened. By sharing honestly with each other, many have been freed from the disabling bondage of self.

Please help us expand our territory. Register and vote for our cause as many times as possible during the entire month of April. Go to Now for your marching orders. Register now and be ready to move. Talk time is over. We are at WAR. It's time to act!!

Do it for those soldiers we have lost, and all those still fighting and at risk here on the battlefield of life.

Together We Stand!!

God loves you & so do I.
Reggie Smith - Ambassador

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