Thursday, September 9, 2010

Living Well with HIV

What many people know about me
Is that I am a D. J. I love to play and listen to House Music, especially old School. Being from N. Y. means having a special kind of flavor in the music we love and appreciate.I don't play much these days, at least I haven't been playing much, but after having experienced the House in The Park event here in Atlanta this weekend, I'm inspired to re-emerge on to the scene. I'd been told about the previous 5 years of success the event has had, but there would have been no way for anyone to effectively convey the spiritual nature of the being in the company of "Jack" and so many of his folk.

The reason this is so germaine to living well with HIV is because the spiritual realm is where we can most effectively heal our physical being. The energy that was created by he music and the beings, young and old, that attended physically and spiritually, was awesome and in invigorating. I had a special event, my granddaughter's 7th birthday party to attend at the same time I was at HITP, and I showed up late because the vibe (Jack) wouldn't let me go!

Our healing is expedited when it is created in the spiritual realm. I had forgotten how important he music is for my healing. I'm making a pledge to myself to get the proper dosage of musical enlightenment, and I pray to be a vessel of he same.

As I leave the doctors office today, grateful for wellness and the things that medicine has sone to help me maintain, I am encouraged to remember to move my body, and help you to jack your body too!!

God loves you & so do I.

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