Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Starts New W.A.R Initiative

September seems like it is going to be an exciting month.  There are a few wonderful events that my wife and myself are scheduled to be involved in.  Besides the fact that our eldest grandchild is celebrating her 7th birthday on the 6th of the month, and our eldest son is getting married to a wonderful young lady on the 18th, Dionne and I will finally get more opportunities to share our great blessings with the world in two fabulous forums.

The first is on Sept. 12th, where I am on a panel that Sunday morning that will be discussing what it takes to "live well with HIV".  For me, the focus is also on how being in a long term sero-discordant relationship is possible, and how important it is that we shift our attitudes and behaviors if we truly expect to create positive change regarding the HIV epidemic.  We are excited to share our strength, hope and experience with all who are interested, and more importantly, to have a dialogue with those same folks.  I mean, I could go on and on in an unsolicited soliloquy about all of the experiences I have had over these past 25 years of living as a host for HIV, but it is always so much more enriching when there is a dialogue about the issues involved, and honest sharing about the same.

Then on Friday, September 17th, Dionne and I will be in Washington D.C., courtesy of the Kaiser Foundation, speaking with the Congressional Black Caucus about the things that can be done in the African American community (and beyond) to stem the constant attack that HIV continues to mount on so many of our soldiers, young and old.  The numbers are staggering, but the response has been timid considering the war we are engaged in.  There certainly have been many advances in certain areas, but we hope to suggest some healing solutions that have worked for us, and many others who have been touched by this challenging disease.

So, I will attempt to chronicle, more closely, this ongoing journey of life here in my blog so you can be a part of the adventure.  As I always say, "I enjoy watching the adventure of life unfold!!"
Thanks to you all for your continued love and support!!

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