Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beutiful Gate Outreach Ministry

Greetings & Salutations! I recently was in preproduction for RISE- the MULTIMEDIA MAGAZINE, when I got a call from one of my new best friends - Renee Beamon, founder of the Beautiful Gate Outreach Ministries in Delaware.  I am so impressed with the way she and her husband Pastor Sylvester Beamon are serving their community through their AME church by addressing the HIV epidemic in a very practical and tangible way.  Not only has Renee passionately created a testing and linkage to care ministry for people who are affected by HIV, their outreach is a model for how the church and the African American community could and should be loving one another into wellness (in the name of Jesus).scriptscriptscript

This interview is rough, and the production quality will be better when I get finished with it, but I wanted to post it now, mainly because I thught that I had not recorded it.  You can see it again here later.

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