Saturday, September 28, 2013

Free your mind, and your ass will follow.

In preparation for this years United States Conference on AIDS, I met and spoke at length with some very special people who were hampered by fear about not being able to meet their perceived needs for treating their diagnosed HIV.  America has cut funding, people have outlasted the usefulness of some medications, and stigma causes some into lies or self-imposed emotional exile.  It seems that once again, the synchronicity of life has attracted a few persons and situations to me who were vessels for the information my soul longs to have answered.   Ultimately, I was being confronted with the same question Neo had to answer when Morpheus presented it - would I take the red pill or the blue pill.   Being a human diagnosed with HIV myself, like so many others, I have had to decide whether to remain lost in the distraction and illusion of the Matrix, or seek to know myself beyond the construct of the system of control

Being a seeker of truth, I have found that I am not the HIV or HEP C virus that I am told that I host, I am much more than that.  To be consumed by the diagnosis is debilatating.  Many of my brothers and sister soldiers, including other HIV advocates, case managers, scientist and medical professionals, have bought into the misconceptions or outright lie perpetuated by the system.  The illusions of hopelessness and dependency are cultivated in us from our birth, and the strategy of their perpetuation is built on a history of proven methods for maintaining mind control.  Capitalism, politics, media and religion often feed the fears that keep the masses in check, and HIV has been a prime example of how millions, no, billions of people have been operating on that information dictated by the Matrix.  We are at a time of enlightenment, though, and the "truth" has been activated, and we are moving towards critical mass.

For instance, there was a time not long ago, when the concept of a cure for HIV was rarely thought, and considered heresy to utter.  Our consciousness has evolved and we can now envision that reality.  The AIDS "denialists" and "conspiracy theorist" have had their dissent basically muted by the media's word "smiths".   The artistic world of movies (see C.A. Montague's review of Tyler Perry's "Temptation" in and song still sometimes portray the HIV experience with stigma, prejudice, and ignorance; yet, thankfully, the human spirit continues to evolve.  Not everyone will be freed from the bondage of self, but strength, hope and experience are fueling our ride on the Nebuchadnezzar.  The images and music that is used to give important information is one way to free minds from bondage.  We shall be free.

The master/slave relationship between the mind and spirit has got to continue its momentum towards spirit if we are to be free. In order for that to happen, we will have to see beyond mind and matter.  At present, and for all recorded history,  "mind" appears to have been in control.  I meet many who are diagnosed with, and consciously affected by HIV that are afraid of death. Fear of physical death, or fear of its cousin; suffering, is the power source of the Matrix.   I have literally watched people scare or worry themselves to death. Ironically, no one is gonna get out of here alive.  It is said that we have to die (or be willing to die) mentally; or still the mind, in order to climb Jacob's ladder to the light of the spirit within.  I do not claim to have escaped the Matrix, but I have seen the light.  As brother Martin said..."I may not get there with you; but I want you to know (tonight)...that we as a people will get to the promise land."  So I am blessed to go to this years US Conference on AIDS. I will go to represent those who support me from higher realms, as well as those who are seeking enlightenment and freedom.  I pray to be a vessel of light for those seeking it, and a source of courage to those souls destined to be free.  After all, it's time to resurrect inspirational spiritual experiences; or it's time to RISE!

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